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exProfileEditor v2

This application is my goal to deliver a Tool to research the Profile System of the Xbox 360.
Its main usage is to mimic the architecture of the Xbox 360 as good as possible.
To the public this is “only” an Achievement unlocker, but its way more then that.


  • Loading the STFS-Container
  • Loading STFS-Container from a FATX Storage Device
  • View and modify a Profile´ Structure
  • View and modify GPD´s to the XDBF Layer ( loaded as profile or just the GPD )
  • Unlocking Achievements with selected time and state
  • Unlocking AvatarAwards with selected time and state
  • exGPD-System for export-/importing GPD´s safely
  • exGA-System for adding unplayed Games
  • Plugin-System for FileTypes ( exGA / exGPD / exGamPic ) and GameEdit´s
  • GameEdit-System ( for manipulating supported Games with “TitleSpecific” Data )
  • Auto-Updater
  • Server API for:
    • Submit/Receive Achievement pictures
    • Submit/Receive Game-related Data (Whole Titles with Achievement Data)
    • Submit Exceptions
    • Submit/Receive Gamerpictures
    • Submit Client Statistics
  • Support for Horizon v3 FATX-Drives
  • Change the Order of last played Games