Jun 04

exProfileEditor v1.8.65.1 released

- Public Beta release

[Universal] ADDED: Memory will be cleared every few mins
[pnlAchievements] ADDED: Will check when Loading the Achievements if all Images are present
-DROPPED DUE TO WEIRD BUG – Prompt will show up and ask if user wants to download all pictures
-There will be a setting to change that … later
[frmFatX] CHANGED: Will now load all Profiles from all Devices on startup
-There will be a setting to change that … later
[frmMDI] CHANGED: Only 1 frmFatX can be opened
[frmMDI] FIXED: Would report that a file is in use, if it doesnt exist anymore
[pnlRecentFiles] CHANGED: Will now delete Entrys of “Not found” Profiles
[GamerProfile] FIXED: Will always check if DashGPD is opened
[pnlProfile] CHANGED: Crown-Event isnt buffered anymore
[pnlGame] FIXED: “LoadGPD” function
[frmFatX] ADDED: Double-Clicking an Profile will open it
[gePlantsVsZombies] ADDED
[GameEdit/PlantsVsZombies] ADDED
[Updater] ADDED: “updpath”

- Public Beta release

[PEC] FIXED: Will now Delete Mount-Folder
-Would insert the Folder into the STFS-Package 😡
[pnlGame] REMOVED: Everything related to AvatarAwards
-Need to recode that part
-Replaced the old DLL
[geRedFactionGuerilla] ADDED
[GameEdit/RedFactionGuerilla] ADDED
[geDoritosCrashCourse] ADDED

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