May 29

exProfileEditor v1.8.42.1 released

- Public Beta release

[GamerProfile] CHANGED: Better Caching
[pnlExGpd_Read] CHANGED: Faster now
[pnlExGpd_Read] FIXED: Would end up in an Infinite Loop
[pnlGame] CHANGED: From ServerSide-encrypted exAchImg to File-encrypted
[GameEdit/DoritosCrashCourse] ADDED
[GameEdit/Halo3] FIXED: Values set wrong
-No panic, nothing corrupted or anythiny like that
[geHalo3] CHANGED: Small GUI changes
[frmMDI] CHANGED: “Begin / EndUpdate” Function
[frmXblHack] CHANGED: Will now create a GPD
[frmXblHack] CHANGED: Will check if TitleName & ID is not Empty
[frmXblHack] CHANGED: Max / Min-Size for TitleName & ID
[frmMain] CHANGED: “Xbl Hack” will now check if the Game allready exists
[frmMain] FIXED: Will now check the Game-Type while “Unlock All”
[frmMDI] CHANGED: Some GUI related stuff

- Public Beta release

[GameEdit/CoD6] ADDED
[X360DLL/STFS] CHANGED: KV.bin can now be your own
-Just place your KV in the root directory of the App and name it “kv.bin”
[Helpers/regEdit] CHANGED: Registry-Path
[Helpers/regEdit] CHANGED: Some more Stats
[frmFatX] ADDED: Right-Click Menu
[pnlEntries] CHANGED: Will always sort the Tree
[pnlEntries] REMOVED: XDBF-Entries
[pnlGame] CHANGED: Will load pnlEntries for AvatarAwards
[frmMDI] FIXED: Will now force to download new Version
[pnlAchievements] FIXED: Would even Download Images when Locked
[frmMain] CHANGED: Will report every game while “Unlock All”
[frmMdi] ADDED: Server-Side control for exGA & exAchImg
[Helpers/Updater] ADDED: Own class for Updater stuff
[FileFormats/*all*] CHANGED: More Dynamic
[FileFormats/exAchImg] ADDED
[pnlGamerpic] ADDED

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