Jul 31

Rodina Image Decoder released


This is the first release of “Rodina Image Decoder” .
If you dont know what Rodina is, leave or read THIS.

So, in Rodina you have those “encoded” Messages and this Application should help anyone who wants to decode those.

Encoded ? What are you talking about ?
According to information from HERE, each Color stands for another Character.
In Rodina those “secret” messages pop up here and there, currently there are 6 of those messages encoded as Colorful Images and this Application should make it easier to find out which Color stands for which Character.

So what can I do with this ?
There are following features:

  • Select single Block
    Doesnt matter if you click a “Block” in the ListView (called “RAW Block Values”) or in the Image itself, you will select them both at the same time. This way you can Double-Click the Block in the ListView and add it to the “Character ENUM” List, in which you will be able to assign a Letter.
  • Structure System
    There is a simple System in place, which will store your findings in a file.
    As soon as you Double-Click a Block in the “RAW Block Values” list, the Value will be transfered into the System with the character “?”.
    Just Double-Click an Entry in the System and you´re able to change the Character.
  • Structure->Image Overview
    Whenever you select a Block or add/change an Entry in the Structure-System, your opened Image will show you what you want to see.
    All Characters in the Structure-System will be drawn in the corresponding Block on the Image.
    Also, when you Search for an specific value or select a Block, the Image will show you which one you want to see.

This Application will only give you a hand to decode those messages, but it wont do the whole work for you 😉
The only thing you have to do is figuring out the ColorCharacter combination.

If youre having Problems/Questions/Feedback simply contact me using the page on this website.


This Application is a pre-release executable.
This means, if you press the wrong buttons, the world will explode (probably not, it will just crash the app).
But remember, FIRST open a secret message, THEN clicky-clack the Buttons.



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