Jan 08

exProfileEditor released

This update adds a few features along with alot of change, small and big.

Gamerpicture Changer

I collected some Gamerpictures from you for a while now (only a string, not the pictures itself), which results in a quite large Database 🙂
Also, I added quite a few pictures myself.
Keep in mind that this feature is still a Beta, so Errors and a Zombie Apocalypse because of this are expected.
And before someone asks, I dont know if you get banned because of this. If youre afraid of it, DONT USE IT (but seriously, noone ever got banned).

GameAdder functionality

The “Add Games” button now actually does something 😉
Ive received quite a lot E-Mails of people, who collected quite a few Games in the Queue, and werent able to add those Games.
Im seriously sorry 😡
Ive tested this feature for some time, it works, but as always, expect Errors (AND REPORT THEM FFS!!!!)

[Childs/pnlGame] CHANGED: TitleImage is now 65;65
[Childs/pnlProfile] REMOVED: btnOpenDashboard & btnChangeGamerpicture
[frmMain] ADDED: More visible button to open the DashboardGPD
[frmMain] ADDED: More visible button to change Gamerpicture
[frmMain] CHANGED: “cleaner” handling of pnlGameAdder
[Childs/pnlGameAdder] CHANGED: Small stuff
[Statistics_Submit] ADDED
[frmRss] CHANGED: read below
[Update_Receive] CHANGED: Set WebClient Proxy to null
-Because… its faster, for some reason
[Helpers/Updater] REMOVED: Threading
-No need, since Update_Receive is already threaded
[pnlRss] CHANGED: Added Multithreading
[frmSettings_Components/*] ADDED: Shitton of forms
[frmSettings_Components/pnlPlaceholder] ADDED
[frmSettings] ADDED: Some fucking function
[Console] FIXED: Showing Output again
[frmMain] CHANGED: Make sure the Games cant be moved anymore
[Childs/pnlAchievements] CHANGED: Allow reordering of Achievements again
[Helpers/ListViewEx] CHANGED: AllowRowReorder is not static anymore
[Childs/pnlGameAdder] ADDED: Function to “Add Games”
[Childs/pnlGamerpicture] ADDED: “Select Image”
-Just a few times tested
[frmMain] CHANGED: Saving – Only enable and un-busy, when not loading again
[Childs/pnlGamerpicture] CHANGED: seperated Game and TitleImage download
[Server] ADDED: Request_Games
[Server] REMOVED: Request_Database
[Server] ADDED: Request_Gamerpicture
-Get a Gamerpicture from an TitleID and ImageID
[Server] ADDED: Request_Gamerpictures
-Gets all Gamerpicture ID´s for a Game
[Server] ADDED: Request_GamerpictureGames
-Get all Games which have Gamerpicture´s

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