Nov 14

Goodbye Xbox 360

Its been (nearly) 8 years.
8 years since the Xbox 360 came out and changed (along other consoles) what we knew about gaming.
Not to mention the move from Standard Definition to High Definition (and the improvements over the years), but also all those aspects regarding the Operating and Security Systems.
It took quite a long time to break into the Xbox 360 (speaking of the STFS Containers) and even longer to find some vulnerabilities to really hack into the System.

Just think about it, 8 years.
Back then I was still in school, playing Halo 2 like an addict on my Self-Modded Xbox, and pretty much only bought the Xbox 360 because of Halo 3.
I was already interested into modding when moving to the 360, but knew nothing about programming and even less (to nothing) about the structure beneath those beautiful systems.

Looking at the Xbox 360 now, I think its quite a beautiful system, comparing to the Playstation 3 and Wii.
The 360 and its systems just make sense, all its containers and formats, everything just perfectly fits together.
Im not saying that I perfectly understand all those platforms in-depth, but the basic stuff is burned into my mind.
And, to be honest, I didnt contribute anything to this community. Im not that much of an hardcore reverse engineering-guy, Im more like the try&error person 😉
I glued together all those informations and created this application (and some other).
Sadly I wasnt able to create all those little tools as perfect as I wanted them to be, just because real life didnt want me to.

I met a lot of interesting people and I thank all of those who made all this possible.
To mention those who stuck into my mind:

  • Leon (for pushing me into this scene)
  • Sneakypeanut (All those nights and days we talked about stuff … we learned a lot from eachother)
  • djekl (Just being an awesome guy and helping me with the exPE API)
  • godzcheater (Someone else in this scene who seems to really love all this)
  • Rahul (A random guy who contacted me over E-Mail a looooong time ago and who Im regulary talk to)
  • Supermodder (We ripped a lot from you and you helped me a little before you disapeared, but just, thank you)
  • unknown v2
  • Anthony
  • The Horizon Team (Creating the only application which stands out from all those AiO´s, not as many Games as it could have, but always reliable and working)

I might miss a lot of people, but these are a few that I can think of.


Started with Leon as a little project called “ProfileEditor(see what I did there ? :-P) and see what we got here.
Just like all those other tools, this is far from done.
The API just got a few features lately, which are not even released yet and I learned a lot while this journey.
Its really sad that, again, I wasnt able to work as much on my little baby as I wanted to, because … well, you get older and your priorities are not the same anymore, but still, I always tried to do my best.

So, whats going to happen now ?
The project is not going to die.
Im still going to work on stuff as long as I see that many unique IP´s connect to my Site.

But the future … well, the future remains dark.
Something I say is: “as long as you can do something offline, you can hack it
Lets hope the community will work together on the Xbox One again.

Will exProfileEditor move to the Xbox One ?
I hope so. Once the basic structures are reversed, I´ll work on something again.
My plans are quite straight, there will be a completely new application with a new look (lets go metro), but it remains unknown when this is going to happen :-/
I would really love to work on this again.

Thank everyone of you for reading this, maybe even using my application or just remember that “v3n3” from somewhere.
We´ll meet again on the other side 😉

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Im a coding photographer, who likes to play a little too much with his consoles :-3

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