Oct 24

exBirthdayEditor released

Just like every year, its my birthday again.
Long story short, I forced myself for another update.

A few things are just barely implemented, but the next Update is on the way 😉
I´ll talk more about the changes on the next update.

[Gamerprofile] CHANGED: Gamerpicture names
[Server] ADDED: Submit_Gamerpicture
[frmMain] CHANGED: No longer supports DragNDrop Reordering
-Need to find a new way to implement this
[frmMain] FIXED: Reordering Games when Search is used will fuck up the PlayedTitles
[frmMain] CHANGED: Warning when reordering Games
[frmMDI] CHANGED: More feedback when loading a Profile
[frmMain] CHANGED: Some changes so you can see which game has a Plugin or AvatarAwards
– “*” = Plugin
– “AA” = Avatar Awards
[pnlGame] ADDED: Some Images here and there
[Childs/pnlAvatarAwards] ADDED
-No unlocking for various reasons
[Plugins/UnrealEngine3] CHANGED: int8 Type ?!
-There is no value …
–Or atleast SPACE for a value
[Api/Server] FIXED: Check if Achievement has a picture
[exProfileEditor_ModdingApi] CHANGED: Load() will take SupportedGame as argument now
-Easier to identify which game wants to be loaded
[Plugins/UnrealEngine3] CHANGED: GoW1/2 ME1/2/3 added
[Plugins/UnrealEngine3] ADDED: SupportedGame class
-With a “newFormat” bool
[pnlGameAdder] ADDED
[Api/Server] CHANGED: UserAgent for Requests

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Im a coding photographer, who likes to play a little too much with his consoles :-3

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