Sep 26

exProfileEditor 2.0.905.2 released *update*

As said before, here is the full Update 😉
You can see at the bottom, there are quite a few changes in the latest version of exPE.

There are quite a few Server-Side changes, which are obviously not mentioned here.
Before, talking to the API was quite a heavy task.
Reporting Games was using JSON, but used a … lets say, stupid way, which I changed now to a way easier option.
Requesting Games was using a hacky-way. We used a really ugly way, since I didnt figure out how to parse JSON, but now, I can 😉
Requesting and Reporting everything is way faster now, on the Client and Server Side of the API.
I cant really tell you the speed improvement, since they vary based from your internet connection and cpu/core setup, but on my machine the download & parsing are about 400% faster.

Now, what Im really proud of, Im able to do my own changes to the API.
I googled my way thru it and not to mention that I simply copy&pasted some code from djekl with my own modifications 😉
Those changes dont affect the Client right now, since those only affect new features we´re working on.
More about that in the next version, which shouldnt take 5 another month´s.

Up to the next subject, the time between updates.
Quite a few people sent me E-Mails or PM´s on different Forums, asking for an Update.
Update ?
Why ?
Is something not working ?
There was actually no need for an Update.
The only thing that required an update was the API and the Client-Side code of it, so I had to take the API offline 5 weeks ago.
There have been some problems while we worked on the API, so the “old” version of exPE werent able to start, because of a simple logic-bug in the Startup process.

Not to mention that there were even people who have demanded that I should enable the API again.
lets think about this again.
The API and all its features are FOR FREE, you dont pay ANYTHING and I have to pay the Server from my money, which I work hard for, not to mention that we (djekl and me) are doing this in our free-time.
No one has the RIGHT to use the API, Im just nice enought to let you use it, free of charge.
This might sound rude, but thats how it is.

Anyway, by the end of this week / next week, all code related to the “old” request-format will be deleted.
That means that the old version and everyone whos using it, wont be able to receive the update using the application.

Thats it for now, Im working on stuff 😛

[Universal] CHANGED: More Error handling
[Api/Server] ADDED: Request_FindGames
[Api/Server] ADDED: Submit_Statistics
[Api/Classes] ADDED: Statistc / Statistic_Entry
[Universal] ADDED: More statistics
[Games_Submit] CHANGED: Will check if achievements are on srvGame and submit if null or incomplete
[Games_Submit] CHANGED: More Error handling
[Api/Server] CHANGED: Added more Exception handling to Request_Game
[Api/Classes/Achievement] CHANGED: JsonProperty Names & Requirements
[Api/Classes/GameDetails] CHANGED: JsonProperty Names & Requirements
[Plugins/MassEffect3] ADDED
[Plugins/AlanWake] ADDED
[frmMDI] ADDED: onCompleteCallback blaw
[Update_Receive] ADDED: onCompleteCallback
[Console] CHANGED: when LogType is “Warning” the Console will Beep
[Helpers/WindowHandler] ADDED
-Will handle all Child-Forms for the MDI
[pnlLog] REMOVED: Everything will be sent to System.Console
-Found out that the Log caused some drastic delays and overall performance was just bad
[Statics/Updater] REMOVED: All unused Update-Strings
[Helpers/Updater] CHANGED: Moved all statics to Statics.cs
[Helpers/ArgumentHandler] ADDED: “-console” Argument
[Overall] Console Output added
[Plugins/*] FIXED: IPlugin Classes wont have Obfuscation
[Helpers/Console] ADDED
[Helpers/DynamicInitializer] ADDED: Faster then “Activater.CreateInstance”
[Game_Submit] CHANGED: Will also send Game when MaxGS doesnt match
[Game_Submit] CHANGED: No AchievementImage Submiting anymore
[Api/Classes/GameDetails] CHANGED: More null-handling
[Api/Classes/GameDetails] ADDED: return null when null instead of trying to parse
[Api/Classes/Achievement] ADDED: return null when null instead of trying to parse
[Helpers/UriBuilder] ADDED
[Everywhere] CHANGED: Implement API changes
-Only fix compiler errors, more optimization later
[frmAction_CheckImages] CHANGED: Worker will wait as long as it takes for the Games to Download
[Api/Server] CHANGED: Request_Game “noImages” parameter changed to “includeImages”
-Someone stab me with my stupidneseseseses
[Api/Server] CHANGED: Request_Game to JSON
[Api/Classes] ADDED
[frmMain] CHANGED: Simplified the UnlockAll Code
[DevExpress] CHANGED: Update from 10.2 to 12.2
[XDBF_ImageEntry] FIXED: Will return null when the Image cant be parsed
[frmMdi] CHANGED: btnVisitSite will now show Statics.srv_Uri as Text
[frmRss] ADDED: Will show pnlLoading while loading
[Program] CHANGED: Renamed all statics
[Plugins/BionicCommando] CHANGED: Can save now
[exProfileEditor_ModdingApi] ADDED: “Game”
-Will be the currently required Game from the “IPlugin.SupportedGames” List
[exProfileEditor_ModdingApi] REMOVED: “TitleID” and “TitleID_Hex”
[frmRss] ADDED: Error handling
[frmRss] ADDED: Will read the RSS Feed from v3n3.org
[exProfileEditor_ModdingApi/IXDBF] CHANGED: “xIO_TitleSpecific*” to “TitleSpecific*”
-Replace “*” with 1, 2 or 3
[Plugins/BionidCommando] ADDED: Missions
[pnlGameEdit] ADDED: “Developer” label
[exProfileEditor_ModdingApi] ADDED: Can SetSync() for each TitleSpecific Entry
[Plugins/RedFactionGuerilla] ADDED: Reading/Saving
[Plugins/RedFactionArmageddon] ADDED: Reading/Saving
[Plugins/NPlus] ADDED: Raw Reading
[pnlGame] FIXED: In some cases CheckGameEdit() would throw an Exception
[frmMain] CHANGED: “*” added for titles with GameEdit
-Can be used in the Search-bar
[frmAction_UnlockAllOffline] ADDED
[Helpers/Engines/UnrealEngine3] ADDED: Writing
-Currently experimental

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