Jun 03

All that Money…

I should be sponsored by Red Bull or Coca-Cola ( which is producing “Relentless” ) 😛
Well, thats not all, also got those 2 buddies down here which helped me thru the countless hours of coding-nights which have exclusively been spent on exProfileEditor.

I also worked on the Pages for exPE ( which you see above, in the DropDown Menu ).
Only thing I have to finish are the “Screenshots” and “GameEdit Plugins” Pages.

As many of you noticed there have been plenty of Updates for exPE over the past 2 weeks.
The secret behind that is, that I had 2 weeks off work, so more then enough time to work on this 😉

There are still some things I want to have done, but everything is stable at the current point.
Only 3 things are on my list which I want to have done, before starting the “Feature-Freeze” time.
From that point on Im only going to change little things and add/maintain Plugins.

Another thing I would like to mention is your contribution ( still, probably without even knowing 😛 ).
The following picture will speak for themself:
Right now there are 2,125 Games in the Database, containing approximately 72,918 Achievements, uploaded by YOU.

When I released the Build with the Database the Traffic of my Server EXPLODED, as you can see.
My Server-Host even said that I would probably have to upgrade, when the traffic wouldnt go lower. I guess I will see how the current month will continue, before I do that 😉

Again, all this is happening because of YOU and those numbers and the several Thousand Requests per Day ( Down / Uploads ) keep me working on this.

Its been a tremendous time with a lot of feedback from you guys, thank you very much for that 😉

I would also like to thank a few people:
-Not only being my “Server Guy” but also someone whos been around for quite a long time. Thank you for everything
-The best Reverse-Engineering Guy whos helping me with the Plugins ( where I seriously suck at ). Half of them wouldnt be possible without him
Rahul S. “luci5r” R.
-First emailed me around 1 year ago, always giving feedback, bug reports or just his honest opinion about exPE. Hes one major reason why I keep this running
-Another german on the web I randomly found. I messaged a lot of creators of GPD-Editor´s and he was the only one who replied and even gave me the information needed for the “Unreal 3 Engine” Editors. I hope there are more to come, shoutout to him 😉

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Im a coding photographer, who likes to play a little too much with his consoles :-3

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