May 23

exGameAdder and you


Remember the “Old” GameAdder ( called exGA ) ?
Well, good News, Im not working on that anymore 🙂
With the new Database you all would have a shitton of Games in your shiny little list you could add to your profile, but one simple questions is flying in my head.
Why would you ?
It doesnt make sense for me to maintain that feature anymore, since for me, its nonsense. I dont see a reason why I should add a Game to my profile I dont own.

Personally, Im “proud” of the Games I have on my list.
Not those where I only have a few Achievements in, but those which are complete or near completion.
But why should someone add a Game he doesnt own and unlock Achievements for it ?

I could also ask “Why should someone “hack” their Achievements ?”.
That question is simple, because Im a lazy bastard 😉
To be honest, Im not using my application personally on my main profile.
Everything is 100% legit and untouched. Why ? Because Im proud of the unlocked Achievements 😉
Im just writing this application, because I need something to do and the Xbox 360 is always keeping me busy.

So, again, why should I want to add Games I dont own ?
I dont want to and thats why this “feature” is cancelled.
Another reason is ( which I care less about ) that the Database is filled with over 2,000 Games in different languages.
The Xbox Team didnt add something inside the Profile to identify in which language the Achievements / Games are.
It would be pretty much a pain for you, to add Games to your Profile, sync that Games to the XBL Servers, recover your account and use it on exProfileEditor again, just to have the language on your Games and Achievements you want.

MAYBE when I get enough spam about people wanting that feature, I might work on it again.
But so long …
Thanks for all the fish


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Im a coding photographer, who likes to play a little too much with his consoles :-3

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