May 18

exProfileEditor 2.0.312.1 released


Another quick Update before I focus on adding more Games to the GameEdit Database.
There have been a few fixes here and there and I changed the Plugin Architecture.

With this change, no Plugins will be loaded from outside of the EXE anymore ( who cares, right ? ).
Its a lot easier this way for myself to update an Plugin this way.

Also, before I introduced the Righ-Click Item “Check Images.
Since I want to add some more “Actions” like that, I added a button right next to the “Save” and “Close” Buttons.
A little new Window pops up and you will see the progress of the whole thing.

Its 05:19AM in Germany and Im fucking tired, read the damn changelog if you want to know what changed.


-2.0.312.1 Public Beta released

[frmMain] CHANGED: “Save…” to “Save”
[frmMain] REMOVED: Unneded “Save…” Menu Items
[frmAction_CheckImages] ADDED: Error handling
[frmAction_CheckImages] CHANGED: Will now wait (amountOfGames)*1500 milliseconds till abortion
[Games_Recive] ADDED: Added Error handling
[Games_Submit] CHANGED: Will show the Exception and submit using [Exception_Submit]
[Plugins/BionicCommando] ADDED
-thanks to godzcheater for the initial informations
[Plugins/Helpers/Engines/UE3] ADDED
[Plugins/Borderlands2] ADDED
[frmGame] FIXED: Would always show the GameEdit Tab, when loaded before
-Only because I changed stuff in the previous version
[frmAbout] CHANGED: updated the “Thanks” list 😉
[Plugins/HaloReach] ADDED: Everything Singleplayer related
[Plugins/Halo4] ADDED: Multiplayer related stuff
-Never going to be released
[Plugins/Doom3BFG] ADDED: Reading the Settings
[Plugins/BionicCommando] ADDED: Reading the Settings
[Plugins/CoD6_8] ADDED: Reading the Settings
[Helpers/PluginHost] CHANGED: Support internal Plugins again
[Plugins/*all*] CHANGED: Moved them INSIDE the Application
[Plugins/Halo4] ADDED: UI Elements
[frmAction_CheckImages] ADDED: A progress while Checking all Images
[frmMain] REMOVED: RightClick “CheckImages”
[frmMain] ADDED: “Actions” DropDown Menu

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