May 12

exProfileEditor released


This release contains the exGPD fix, a lot of people waited for.
Because of the changes I applied to the Base a while back ( to load Profiles from a Folder ) this update took a lot longer then expected.
There is still a bit of work to do, but in the meantime this should work out for everyone 😉

I also looked at the exGA Feature, but that requires a lot more work and probably a whole recode.
Since the Database Structure changed ( well, it doesnt exist anymore ) to the API, there needs to be a lot of work to be done before I can release this again.
In the past releases I plain forgot to remove both Tabs ( exGPD and exGA ), last of both is removed now till everything is running as expected.

Im always open to feedback and feature requests, so feel free to send me an E-Mail.
Also thanks to everyone who mailed me, I always try to answer as fast as possible 😉


PS.: I´ll have 2 weeks off work, starting end of next week. I expect to spend atleast 3 days straight on exPE, so prepare for a shitload of updates/changes 😉

- Public Beta released

[frmMain] CHANGED: “CheckGameAdder” will constantly remove the Tab
-Till I have everything ready
[API/Server] ADDED: Request_GameImage
-Need to change some things here and there
[API/Server] CHANGED: “Request_GetDatabase” to “Reqest_Database”
[API/Server] CHANGED: “Request_GetMissingGame” to “Request_Game”
[pnlExGpd_Read] CHANGED: Will now Save the Profile after adding Games
-Have to find another way around that …
[XDBF] CHANGED: Wont call “Save” anymore when adding Title/Image/Anything
[pnlExGpd_Read] CHANGED: Will clear RAM after every Game instead of Achievement
-Speed improvements, yay
[pnlExGpd_Read] REMOVED: Unecessary shit

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