May 07

exProfileEditor released


This is not the update containing the exGPD fix.
I just rushed out a small update to add the “ChangedFiles” Folder again, so you can actual modify stuff 😛
The next Update will contain the exGPD fixes and API improvements.

[Exception_Submit] CHANGED: Will close after 10 seconds when frmException is closed
[frmException] ADDED: Now ALWAYS has Focus
[API/Server] CHANGED: Submit_MissingGame – Check for the right Image Size
[API/Server] CHANGED: Submit_MissingImages – Check for the right Image Size
[API/Server] ADDED: Function to parse the Server response
[API/Server] CHANGED: Normal Submits/Requests return the response
[Exception_Submit] ADDED
[Universal] CHANGED: Recovered the “ChangedFiles” functionality
-nasty change
[API/Server] FIXED: Would throw under certain circumstances an exception
[pnlProfile] ADDED: Will Download Avatar Image when missing

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Im a coding photographer, who likes to play a little too much with his consoles :-3

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