May 02

exProfileEditor released


Another update 😉
This time with just some small changes and performance improvements.

When I released the last big Update, I plain forgot to implement the new API structure into the unlocking process of Achievements.
That means, you all submitted your Games but you werent able to download them.
Thats the “big” change for you now, you can download Images again 😉

Another feature I added is the ability to download the TiteImages.
Under “normal” cicumstances thats not required, but when you recover your Profile from Xbox LIVE nowadays the whole process is a lot faster then a year or two ago.
Thats not because they added some “magic” to it, they simply dont download all Images anymore.
I added 2 small options:

A right-click button for Downloading TitleImages:
As you can see, a lot of Images are missing, because I recovered my Gamertag.

I temporarly added this little button, because for SOME reason I cant call that function the way it is right now without … well, fucking things up 😡
Simply click that button when Images are missing and everything will be downloaded.
Ofcourse exProfileEditor will download the missing Image when unlocking Achievements.

The other things are just optical.
You get a little more feedback about whats going on in the Background, as you can see in the image at the top of this post.
I also added some basic stuff for the day when the Horizon Team will implement the 3.0 Driver structure ( which I cant wait for 😀 ).

Something else that makes me happy is, that you guys literally flooded the whole Database with ( as of the time I posted this ) 772 Games, which is a total of ~27,243 Achievements.
More statistics when we ( more like djekl ) implemted the output for more informations 😉


PS.: The API is telling me that some of you have some problems while saving your Profile´s. Please E-Mail me your Profile, so I can take a look at the Problem

I also changed something else, when changing ANYTHING in exProfileEditor, the change wont be written to the files till you press “Save“.
Thats not really importand right now, but will be wheh the Horizon Update is out

- Public Beta released

[frmMain] FIXED: Will now assign a ImageKey, even when no Image is present
[Games_Receive] ADDED: Waiting for updater to finish
[Receive_Games] CHANGED: now “Games_Receive”
[Submit_Games] CHANGED: now “Games_Submit”
[Receive_Update] CHANGED: now “Update_Receive”
-Fuck, the Client cant do anything else then receiving
[pnlServerProgress] FIXED: The routine for blabla was wrong
-Ended up in tearing when a control was removed
[frmMain] CHANGED: Background & Foreground Color
[pnlAchievements] CHANGED: Background & Foreground Color
-Need to Change the Column Colors
[*Everything related to the Base*] CHANGED: Will only write to the files when Save() is called
[frmMain] FIXED: Will only submit all Games once
[XDBF_TitleInfo] CHANGED: saving TitleImage is simpler now
[pnlAchievements] ADDED: A temporary button for checking the Images
-Something fucks it up while loading the form
[Submit_Games] ADDED: More feedback about the progress
[Submit_Games] ADDED: Images for “Done” and “Error”
[frmChildHost] ADDED: Now being able to save GPD-Only files
[pnlAchievements] CHANGED: Will now handle the new Server architecture
-Silly me …
[Plugin/CoD2_4_5] FIXED: Added missing Form
-Thanks everyone for letting me know…just joking, fuck you all
[Updater] REMOVED: Everything related to “Beta” stuff

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