Apr 29

exProfileEditor released

Take a seat and keep reading
exProfileEditor version 2.0.88 is released.
With this update there are numerous of tweaks and a bunch of new features.
Ive also rewrote some old Forms and classes, which should be more efficient now.

The mayor new Feature is the option to upload your existing Games / Achievements.
Everyone is able to contribute to the Achievement Database, without even doing something.
That way the Database is always up-to-date, even when I dont feel like working on it 😉
90% of the work is done by djekl, whos been a big help for me along the way.

There are still a few new features I want to work on with him, and a few “old” ones I have to renew ( GameAdder ).
When I got those things done exPE will be “done“, there will be a feature freeze. I want to focus on writing GameEdit Plugins, which I will also announce on this blog.
I hope youre all going to contribute to the Database and keep everything updated.


PS.: If someone of you got information about Game which store their data inside the GPD ( TitleSpecific Entry´s ), please E-Mail me:admin@v3n3.org
PSS.: Maybe take a look at this 😉
I cant wait for them to release this, since it will also make “our” lifes easier.


[pnlRecentFiles] ADDED: A little GroupBox just for the Cosmetics
[Fingerprint] CHANGED: The reason the Server interaction was so slow, changed that
[frmMDI] CHANGED: Wont draw while initializing
[frmMDI] CHANGED: All Child-Forms now initialized at once
[Receive_Update] ADDED: Plugin SHA1 check
[Receive_Update] CHANGED: removed everything related to exGA
[Receive_Update] ADDED: Seperate Progress Form for Updating
[pnlApiSubmit_Games] CHANGED: renamed to “Submit_Games”
[pnlApiSubmit] CHANGED: renamed to “pnlServerProgress”
[Server] REMOVED: Caching Games
-Would just spam the RAM right now
[Server] REMOVED: Submit_MissingGame wont submit the Achievement Images anymore
[pnlApiSubmit_Games] CHANGED: Performing faster and less Memory consuming
[pnlApiSubmit_Games] CHANGED: Memory Management and stuff
[frmMDI] REMOVED: bgwSubmitMissing
-Integrated into [pnlApiSubmitGames]
[pnlApiSubmit_Games] CHANGED: Seperated Labels
-Stupid me
[pnlGame] FIXED: Remove GameEdit Tab when Exception occurs
[pnlApiSubmit_Games] CHANGED: Cancel after waiting 10*500 milliseconds for Updater
[Universal] CHANGED: Additional Checks for Offline-Mode
[pnlEntries] ADDED: Some Error handling for unknown Type´s
-Which should ACTUALLY never happen
[Server] ADDED: Caching for Games ( Request / Report )
-Including several checks for updating Games which are allready in the list
[frmMDI] CHANGED: Open the Exceptions in the MDI now
[Server] FIXED: Parsing the Images correctly now
[frmMain] FIXED: Would throw an Exception if no Games are added
[pnlRecentFiles_File] CHANGED: Moved to frmMDI_Components
[pnlRecentFiles] CHANGED: Moved to frmMDI_Components
[pnlLog] CHANGED: Moved to frmMDI_Components
-About 65416546156 Compile Errors fixed
[pnlApiSubmit_Games] CHANGED: Moved to frmMDI_Components
[pnlApiSubmit] CHANGED: Moved to frmMDI_Components
[frmFeeds] CHANGED: Moved to frmMDI_Components
[pnlRecentFiles] CHANGED: Nothing static anymore 🙂
-Needs more work for Settings
[pnlRecentFiles_File] ADDED
[pnlApiSubmit] ADDED: Will show Progress in frmMDI
[frmApiSubmitGames] ADDED: Ask User if they want to submit Games
[frmMDI] CHANGED: Additional check for submiting Games to the Server
[Updater] FIXED: Adding “Offline” Statuses correctly when offline
[frmMDI] FIXED: Not showing the correct Server Status
[Everywhere] ADDED: Statistics
[Helpers/regEdit] ADDED: Numerous Settings
[Plugins/Halo4] ADDED
[Plugins/HaloReach] ADDED
[XDBF] FIXED: FileSize will be set again
-FileSize wont tripple in Size anymore 😉
[XDBF] FIXED: SpaceTable will be freed again

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