Jan 23

ImageLeecher released

This is a little application I did for myself to download a whole Thread off 4chan.
I allready did something like this a while ago, but it only used Regex to find Images. This time Im properly loading the whole Thread and extract all Replies.

Sadly I “finished” this for myself a few days before the API got released and I really didnt feel like changing everything again.
In the meanwhile some people asked me for it and since Im a lazy bastard it took some time 😛

How to use

Simply copy&paste the URL you want to download, paste it into the “URI” field and click “fetch“.
Depending on your System and Internet Connection it might take 1 or 2 seconds for the LVI to pop up.
Also, dont forget to change the “LeechPath” to the Folder you want all those Threads in.

Currently the Images get saved like this:
{LeechPath}\{BoardLetter} – {Board Description}\{ThreadID} – {ThreadSubject}\
ex.: “E:\4chan\wg – WallpapersGeneral\5128552 – post apocalyptic wallpaper

You can also “remember” Threads and load them again next time you open the application.
Simply select a Item in the List and Click the “Un/Remember” Button.
Next time you just click the “{0} remembered” ( where {0} is the amount ) button and all threads get loaded again.

The Settings file is Stored in “%appdata%\ImageLeecher“.
Theres also a very basic Updater installed 😉

ToDo List:

Improve Thread loading
Use Thread instead of BackgroundWorker (will increase thread speed)
Add Log
Add Aditional Information to the Threads
Make Threads reloadable after a crash
Only process a specific amount of Threads (so you dont run out of connection speed)

Known Issues:

When processing too many threads OR when your Internet Connection is too slow, the application will throw a 404-Exception. Simply click “Continue”, select the Thread in the list and click the Link. If the Thread is not 404ed, just remove the Entry in the List and reload the thread.
In case the leecher is interupted, an corrupt Image will be in the selected Folder for that Thread. I will add an check for that afterwards


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Im a coding photographer, who likes to play a little too much with his consoles :-3

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