Nov 20

Halo 4 ScreenshotExtractor released

It took a little while, since I was busy with work and … well … playing Halo 4, but like I promised, a GUI Version of the Halo 4 Screenshot Extractor 😉
I allready did stuff like this for Halo 3 till Reach and never had the idea, that the screen.shot file is a Container itself, so Im now reading this 100% right.
Also found some other research regarding the Tags inside the BLF File, but sadly not that much is found, hopefully someone else will get into that 😉

Anyway, the GUI version.
I just worked about … 4 hours on this, so please keep in mind that there could still be some bugs.
You can simply open your Screenshots, look at and extract them, plus the Console application is still included 😉
I got a little list with Startup Arguments below, so you can automatically use this thing.
Theres also a really simple updater in there, so you will not miss a new Version ;-D
For the guys who want to research the Tags ( which you see on the right side of the GUI ), you can Right-Click and extract the Data from them.


  • -console
  • Will open up the console instead of the GUI

  • -open “[Filepath]”
  • Will open [Filepath] right after the start ( extract when using console )

  • -openfolder “[Folderpath]”
  • Will open [Folderpath] right after the start ( extract when using console )

Have fun and report bugs / feature requests.



There are some things which I will fix … soon 😛
-Stupid Arguments, Drag&Drop´ing Files to the EXE wont work anymore. Allready know a way around this.
-The Console is still using the old, ugly way. Have to update this

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Im a coding photographer, who likes to play a little too much with his consoles :-3

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