Oct 24

exProfileEditor released

Its my birthday today, but I still got a present for you 😉

Here it is, exProfileEditor 2.0.
Its been a long time since I talked about it the last time and a lot changed.

The biggest change youre going to see is, that you cant Open Profile directly with exPE anymore ( being it as file or from a FATX Drive ).
I struggled with that decision for a long time, nearly 6 months now, but it was a necessery step to keep this project alive.
Editing your Profile requires now basically 2 more steps, Extracting all files from the STFS Container and Injecting them back in ( even this will be easier for you ).
I recommend for both Tasks an application named “Horizon“, but I guess everybody will know that 😉

Simply Extract all Files into a Folder, point exPE to that Path ( first go into the Folder, then select it ) and there you go.
Once you save your Profile, a new folder will be created called “ChangedFiles“, just import those back into your STFS Container and youre done 😉

Thats not the bad part, I pretty much dont care about that.
What really hurts me is that I had to drop “AvatarAwards” Support.
Its easy to explain, your Profile sits inside a STFS-Container, inside that Container is a file called “PEC( which is really similar to the STFS Format ), thats where all your Awards are stored in.
I could easily read them out, if you look around I posted Images about this everywhere, but since I had to drop my STFS class I cant do that anymore.

Maybe someday there will be a free, public STFS-Class, but since then I have to postpone this feature.
Everything is ready and researched, I just need that class.

Those were the “bad” News, now lets go to the good ones 😉
Ive reworked a lot of code, a lot of messy ugly code and added some stuff here and there.


, together with djekl ( you might know him, if not … HOW DARE YOU ), who worked on the awesome Server side of this, we implemented an API.
With that API Im able to collect some Data from the Client, which will make the whole experience better.
exProfileEditor 2 will report every Game thats missing in the exGA-Database and I will update that monthly.
Ofcourse, all Data is anonymous and there wont be anything inside that could lead to your Profile.
Feel free to sniff all Data thats being transfered, but you could also just check the “Logs” Folder in the Root of exPE 😉
Please keep in mind that theres a little security here and there, but thats just to make sure noone will mess with my lovely Server.
Also, we will soon implement some other Feature like Automatic Exception Transmissions ( actually, that IS allready implemented :-3 ) and Statistics ( so I can keep track of you little Achievement addicts 😛 ).
All this will be enabled BY DEFAULT, but you will be able to Disable it in the new Settings Window and you will be soon able to disable this.
This app is free and I dont accept any Donations so please just keep that enabled, since thats the only thing I want from you guys ( and it helps everyone else ).


big thing I did was some heavy maintenance of all the Code.
Parts of that are nearly 2 years old, so I had to recode those 😛
For example, I change the way exGA works. Before you had 1 Big File, right now about 18MB big, which is quite a lot for some Connections.
This file will be splitted now, you still have to Download 18MB, but if something goes wrong you dont have to start from scratch again.
A lot of code is deleted, moved or in generell just simplified. You will pretty much feel the speed improvements.
That might not mean much, but believe me, its a lot and 70% of all the work belongs to this part 😉

My personal favourite new Feature is the Plugin System.
That baby was allready implemented in the last Version of exPE, but not completelly done, since I thought noone would use the GameEdits anyway.
But Ive been wrong, I received many E-Mails people asking about this, where its gone and when its coming back.
Let me explain what changed:
Before, those “GameEdits” were Hardcoded into exProfileEditor.
That meant that I always had to update the whole application in order to add new or change classes.
I kinda implemented a Plugin System half that way, but I only used it inside exPE itself.
Now, you have a “Plugins” Folder with a s**tload of DLL´s inside, those are the new GameEdit-Plugins using an Modding API.
Im able to always update / add Plugins, without you having to Download the whole application again, Im even able to Update / Add Plugins while exPE is running.
… Sorry, I think thats pretty awesome ^^
I will also provide an Example for everyone who wants to develop their own Plugins, its quite simple in the end.

Those are the Main new Features, there are A LOT of changes, but I cant remember them all 😛
Feel free to send me an E-Mail about what you think or if you have any problems.
The next few days there will pop up some Sites here, explaining how exPE works and how to stay unbanned.


PS.: I do read all your Comments, but please just send me an E-Mail, thats easier for me 😉


Dont forget that this is a BETA.
For example, when no exGA Database Files are found exPE will say that theyre invalid.
I will fix those little things in the past few days, please send me an E-Mail when you notice something wrong 😉

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