Apr 16

exProfileEditor released !!!

It took some time (a few months, to be exact :-x) but heres a “new” Version.
This one mainly fixes the bug appeared in the exGPD System and youre now able to use exPE on the newest Dashboard.

Last fix wasnt a new security system like many of you thought, just my random stupid-nes (who have guessed it, eh ? ^^). They just changed the Profiles like this, that they only have 1 Image in the MetaData, instead of both.
Yep, that prefented you from Saving profiles 😛

Also, under the hood are a number of changes.
When you select the FIRST Game in a exPE-Session, it might look for 2 seconds that the whole Process froze, but thats just the AppDomains talking to eachother.
Ive added a new Plugin-System, so GameEdits can be added / updated without pushing out a seperate Update for the whole process (which is good :-P).
I also thought about extending that to another Systems of exPE, but maybe I should get that one 100% working first 😛

If you find any bugs, please let me know in the Comments or send me an Email.


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Im a coding photographer, who likes to play a little too much with his consoles :-3

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