Nov 25

New Dashboard Update and the future of exPE

I didnt post anything in a while and people who follow me on Twitter might allready know whats up right now.

The future of exProfileEditor is unknown, since the STFS class I got from Supermodder to learn from is faulty and doesnt work as good as expected.
Since I dont have anyone to give me a hand or atleast help me with informations, Im pretty much screwed. Also I dont have enough time and Energy right now to work on that 100% myself.

The current status of exProfileEditor is pretty good.
A few new Systems are implemented, a lot of stuff recoded and the overall Performance is way better.
I also improved the way Bugs are reported and got some Systems in Background running which will report some things to the Server Im using (ofcourse nothing which would lead to your Profile).
There are also Systems inside which will help me extending the exGA and exAchImg Database, which are outdated for a while now (sorry for that).
Which Im also very excited about is the Plugin System for GameEdit´s. First, its NOT static so you can swap Plugins while using exPE (which was the hardest part) and people out there who are reverse engineering the TitleSpecific-Entry´s can code their own Plugins. This hole thing also makes it easier for me to Update specific GameEdits, since I dont have to release a complete new Build for that.
Ofcourse the Updater is also updated … ok, I completely recoded the hole thing, but its working good ^^

Im also going to release the exPE Page pretty soon, since people asked for that.

About the New Dashboard Update.
Im right now in the Beta-Program and I have some bad news :-/
All Profiles opened on a 360 with the new Dashboard cant be edited with the right now public build of exProfileEditor.
I didnt check whats different in detail, but the “new” version didnt have that Problem.
Just wanted to let everyone know, but I allready expect 237402853 Messages telling me that I suck 😛

So, if someone knows enough about the STFS-FileSystem to help me please contact me.

OK, godzcheater reported that his Profiles loaded without any problems.
I might have to check that a little further, but the latest Public build is not meant for teh newer Kernels (it might still work).

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