Oct 24

Woho, Its my 21th Birthday

…Oh, and bad News :-/
Well, not really bad, let me explain (I actually dont have to, at all).

Today is my 21th Birthday and Im finally Internationaly an adult 😛
It was my plan to release a Beta build of exPE 2 today, as my personal Birthday present for everyone…
I was working all weekend on everything around exPE 2 to get a working build together, but things didnt go well.

I mean, Im only a few steps away, but I fear that those will be the hardest :-/
Long story short, my plan didnt go up like how I wanted and I dissapointed myself >.<

(I fear there are too many smilies in this post)
Anyway, Im going to take today off and have a nice Date with my GF later :-3


PS.: A good friend of mine, known as “godzcheater” (follow him on Twitter), send a “special” Gift for me / exPE2. More about that in the next few days 😉

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Im a coding photographer, who likes to play a little too much with his consoles :-3

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