Sep 15

…and thanks for all the fish

(who gets the reference, gets a cookie :-3)

First, I want to thank everyone who donated.
I knew that a few people wanted to donate, but didnt expect THAT many.
A big thank you to all of you.
I thought about, that when I get some more donations, I would be able to get my own Server again, so we dont have to bug djekl anymore 😉

Anyway, people started to ask and reported a few bugs, so here some answers:
Q: When will you release exProfileEditor 2 ?
A: I dont know. Im right now not anywhere near a 360 so I cant test the new features myself.
There will be a Beta for everyone to test soon and after that it depends on how things are going …
But I expect to release a stable 2.0 Build before my BDay (24th October).

Q: The exGPD Feature doesnt work !!!
A: I know, its a stupid bug in the base code which would throw an Exception or set exPE in a infinite loop.
There is a workaround “Matt” provided. Follow these steps to apply a bunch of exGPD´s at once:
-First ONLY add all Games
-Then ONLY apply all Achievemnts
-And then ONLY apply all Settings

Q: I get a Error while loading my profile !!!
A: Thats a stupid STFS bug, which is allready fixed by myself.
BUT theres also a workaround for that, in case you dont want to wait:
-Open your Profile in Horizon
-Delete the “AvatarAssets” folder (this will only force you to re-download all Assets when loading the Avatar-Editor on your 360)
-The Profile will now work in exPE

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Im a coding photographer, who likes to play a little too much with his consoles :-3


  1. djekl

    You don’t need to worrie about getting your own server.
    Its honestly not a hassle hosting this for you.
    Its my way of supporting you and exPE.

    OH, and cookie please…
    Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy


  2. Zaiaku

    LOL opening sond and dolphin dancing scene. Thought that was a wierd intro when I first saw the movie. And updates for the achievement pics, missing alot of the new populat games.

  3. v3n3

    Im going to update the AchImg and exGA Databases all when Im back home (should be next week, probably) 😉

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