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Oct 24

exBirthdayEditor released

Just like every year, its my birthday again. Long story short, I forced myself for another update.

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Aug 15

All that money…continued

I got 1 week off work again and decided to spent some “exPE-Time” 😛

Mar 11

Blaw and 1.9

No excuses, right now I dont have much time for exPE. For those of you who cant wait, here you can Download the latest PRIVATE Version: Download 1.9.06 BETA Please keep in mind that this is a BETA. There are quite a few changes done to the STFS class and a few other things, but …

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Oct 24

Woho, Its my 21th Birthday

…Oh, and bad News :-/ Well, not really bad, let me explain (I actually dont have to, at all). Today is my 21th Birthday and Im finally Internationaly an adult 😛 It was my plan to release a Beta build of exPE 2 today, as my personal Birthday present for everyone… I was working all …

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Sep 25

No new wheel for you, sorry – Progress 1

If you followed me on Twitter or read the last 2 Blog-Entries you MIGHT know that I work on “exProfileEditor 2“. Well, Base-Testing is done and everything is implemented into the GUI. Ofcourse, everything still requires heavy testing with many different profiles, but Im pretty sure the Beta will be released soon. Anyway, I always …

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Sep 15

…and thanks for all the fish

(who gets the reference, gets a cookie :-3) First, I want to thank everyone who donated. I knew that a few people wanted to donate, but didnt expect THAT many. A big thank you to all of you. I thought about, that when I get some more donations, I would be able to get my …

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