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Jun 03

All that Money…

I should be sponsored by Red Bull or Coca-Cola ( which is producing “Relentless” ) 😛

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May 23

exGameAdder and you

Remember the “Old” GameAdder ( called exGA ) ? Well, good News, Im not working on that anymore 🙂

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Sep 25

No new wheel for you, sorry – Progress 1

If you followed me on Twitter or read the last 2 Blog-Entries you MIGHT know that I work on “exProfileEditor 2“. Well, Base-Testing is done and everything is implemented into the GUI. Ofcourse, everything still requires heavy testing with many different profiles, but Im pretty sure the Beta will be released soon. Anyway, I always …

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Sep 15

…and thanks for all the fish

(who gets the reference, gets a cookie :-3) First, I want to thank everyone who donated. I knew that a few people wanted to donate, but didnt expect THAT many. A big thank you to all of you. I thought about, that when I get some more donations, I would be able to get my …

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Sep 13

Here we go again …

After a few months of … nothing, here I am again. I heard a lot of rumors that exPE would be discontinued and bla bla bla. Everything bullsh*t, but there was no real need for an Update. In the past few weeks I worked on a lot of new stuff for the next big Update, …

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May 22

The World is not over … yet

I just tested the past few days, and it looks like the didnt change anything on the Profile / STFS Systems. Keep in mind that this doesnt mean everything is 100% safe, it just means that their changes might not affect the Client-side. Also, theres a little bug that slipped in the last version (v1.8.2.1) …

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May 09

Security Dashboard Update ahead…

Microsoft just released the Information that the new Dashboard Update will be released on May 19. According to previous Security improvements I suggest not to use exProfileEditor after the Update on your Profile, since I dont know if they change something on any other Systems. This is just a Security advice, I will update you when I …

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