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Nov 14

Goodbye Xbox 360

Its been (nearly) 8 years.

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Sep 26

exProfileEditor 2.0.905.2 released *update*

As said before, here is the full Update 😉 You can see at the bottom, there are quite a few changes in the latest version of exPE.

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Apr 29

exProfileEditor released

Take a seat and keep reading exProfileEditor version 2.0.88 is released. With this update there are numerous of tweaks and a bunch of new features. Ive also rewrote some old Forms and classes, which should be more efficient now.

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Nov 25

New Dashboard Update and the future of exPE

I didnt post anything in a while and people who follow me on Twitter might allready know whats up right now.

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Oct 24

Woho, Its my 21th Birthday

…Oh, and bad News :-/ Well, not really bad, let me explain (I actually dont have to, at all). Today is my 21th Birthday and Im finally Internationaly an adult 😛 It was my plan to release a Beta build of exPE 2 today, as my personal Birthday present for everyone… I was working all …

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May 22

The World is not over … yet

I just tested the past few days, and it looks like the didnt change anything on the Profile / STFS Systems. Keep in mind that this doesnt mean everything is 100% safe, it just means that their changes might not affect the Client-side. Also, theres a little bug that slipped in the last version (v1.8.2.1) …

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May 09

Security Dashboard Update ahead…

Microsoft just released the Information that the new Dashboard Update will be released on May 19. According to previous Security improvements I suggest not to use exProfileEditor after the Update on your Profile, since I dont know if they change something on any other Systems. This is just a Security advice, I will update you when I …

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